Imagine If You Had a Hollywood-Quality Film to Relive Your Wedding Day

We take a different approach than most "wedding videographers" out there.

Your film will have a beautiful story – not just a chronological sequence of events. We're not making a documentary. We're telling a story.
We focus on capturing natural, candid emotions.
You're unique, and your wedding film should be too! We refuse to follow templates and build every film from the ground up.
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Our Story


Meet Ari Goldstein, Cinematographer

"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." Elon Musk

I love a good challenge.

I started writing screenplays at six years old, and I’ve always been obsessed with movies. I love analyzing my favorite films beyond the surface - looking at the elements of story and cinematography that make them great.

At age 18, I decided to use my passion for cinematography and story to start a wedding film business. I'd never shot a wedding before, but I was determined to be the best. I volunteered to film weddings at a local venue to practice. Within a year, I had honed my skills and my team and I were shooting luxury weddings for amazing couples. 

I’m beyond ambitious and driven. I believe that I can accomplish anything.

That’s the energy powering your wedding film.

"Ari has the passion and desire to make your wedding video more than just a video. He understands what's on the line and he almost seemed to care more about every minute detail, thought, desire, etc. more so than I did at the time (don't tell my wife). Ari's team brings you a 5 star, next generation experience."

-Ryan B.

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A Few Recent Films

Why Ari?

You’ve probably seen the word “videography” used more than “cinematography” to describe typical wedding video.

There’s a BIG difference, which is why I refer to my style as cinematic.

It’s the difference between the brutal experience of sitting through a boring VHS wedding video...

And a high-budget Hollywood movie with breathtaking imagery and emotional storytelling that demands your attention.

Sure, you can hire someone to set up a camera and push record. A lot of videographers' work still looks like it's from the 1980s.

I don't just set up a camera and push record. That's not why couples work with me. Couples work with me because I know how to use the art of cinematography to tell your story.

This is NOT a wedding “video.”

This is an experience that places you at the center of an immersive movie, telling your unique story in a way traditional wedding video simply cannot do.

Expect me to spend more time, ask more questions, plan shots ahead, and go deeper into the story of who you are because I’m committed to bringing you the best film imaginable.

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